Day 1: Planning, Shopping…and Shopping Again

So, here’s where I started, after hungrily reading Cinder Block Gardens (ebook).

buy me buy me buy me

It’s $20, you can print out what you need as you need it, and it is completely worth the price to get you started right.  Find it here:

After reading the first few chapters, I hopped on to Excel and started laying out my garden.  Here three versions I created:

Cinder Block Garden Layout Spring 2011

I chose version C, went to the store for my blocks (more on this pricing process later–you’ll want to do your own due diligence here), and took the first half home (seems it’s not wise to put 20 blocks in an old minivan…).

Result: Today, I have to go back for part two of the blocks, plus buy four more–Plan C has been altered.

Yes, there will be pics soon…


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