Back to the home improvement store…

So, Saturday, I ended up back at Home Depot for (you guessed it) more cinder blocks.  Just four this time!  I took three pictures, but you’re just going to have to wait to see the results, since my e-mail is not letting them come through. 

As Home Depot and its ilk are Dangerous Places for me, I confess that I ended up with two established tomato plants and a set of three asparagus bulbs as well.  (Ok, ok…and a bag of beef jerky…)  But meanwhile, the first level of my garden is completed–with black plastic no-weed barrier (10-year guarantee, and again, cheaper at Home Depot–sorry, brother Sean, assistant manager at the Lawton, OK, Lowes store!).   The main reason that I needed more bricks is that, instead of using fences as the Cinder Block Gardens book shows, I decided to go with additional cinder blocks in the middle, for seating AND to reduce some of the sand/compost/humus concoction that I intend to make.

Also, by putting the cinder blocks with weep holes together in the center, I will have nice places for inserting poles to hold up my upside-down planters I intend to use for my tomatoes.  One other thing I have added that is not in the garden book is that in the corners, I will be planting morning glories inside white PVC tubing for additional color.  What I realized, after I got the initial layout done, is that these same tubes will allow me to cover the entire garden with a sheet in case of our usual Texas hail storms so common in the spring–maybe I won’t lose most of my plants that way.

I know you’re eager for pictures…I will try to get those up tomorrow.  Too bad my soil is not already in–tomorrow is supposed to be a great day for thundershowers, keeping my soil moist and ready for planting.


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