Shocking trunk disclosure (not involving Charlie Sheen *or* Moammar Gadhafi…)

Trip #3 to Home Depot
What ya’ gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk…?
It’s a little Dr Seussian, trying to think about what I came away with last time:
Cinder blocks, tomatoes in chocks,
‘ though, not too much or you’ll ruin your shocks… 
Things that don’t rhyme so well, but also in the mix: Asparagus bulbs, rebar for support of the PVC tubes during our typical nasty Texas hail storms…and beef jerky.
Those white things off to the right are PVC tubing, four inches in diameter.  I’ll be inserting these inside the cinder block holes on the four corners in order to grow a variety of morning glories.  Once I get the bricks and and tubes all in place, the kids are going to joyfully spray paint it all (and each other) forest green.
(I wonder if that’s going to trigger a call from CPS…)
Say…where do you think I’d find best pricing for humus and compost?

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